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We are a team of proffesional translators, proofreaders, and writers.

Our main objective is to provide high-quality linguistic services in English and Spanish

Our services

legal field

Texts translated in this field can be legalized to be presented before official entities in different countries. We work with professionals who are registered in different jurisdictions.
In this field, we translate documents such as:

  • Private instruments: labor, commercial, civil contracts.

  • Public instruments (papers which can be presented before official entities)

  • Personal documents: birth certificates, passports, ID documents, letters of attorney, testaments, deeds, formal records, notarial records.

  • Educative documents: curriculums, transcripts, degrees, educational certificates.

  • Proceeding and criminal documents: rogatory letters, judgments, case file, official letters.

medical field

Our team of professionals is trained in both the translation and medicine field. This allows us to have a comprehensive perspective in this area of knowledge and be more careful about the details that can make a difference.
We do translations in different medical areas: clinical trial (open clinical trials, crossover clinical trials, Explanatory clinical trial, Parallel clinical trial)

technical translations

Generally, these type of translations requires trained people with vast experience in order to interpret, translate and proofread them. We receive constant training in different knowledge areas in order to have the best results.
We translate technical manuals (for electrical appliances and devices, industrial appliances, technical procedures for organizations, researches, and scientific publications.

audiovisual translations

To translate audiovisual materials, we  do not only need to know the pair of involved languages but also we need to know “when” and “how” to make the best editorial decisions to obtain an excellent audiovisual materials.
We translate movies, documentaries, series in any available formats.


We make the necessary linguistics changes in order to make the message attractive to the target audience.


We have a team of professionals who specialized in transcription of audio materials. We work with the last available softwares to deal with any digital format.

proofreading and edition

The proofreading phase should be present in every writing process. We offer different kinds of proofreading process aims are directly related to pre-established objectives. Proofreading can be:

  • Stylistics Proofreading

  • Typographical proofreading

  • Academic Proofreading

The professional proofreader carries out an exhausted and detailed reading in order to detect not only grammatical mistakes, but also semantic, stylistics and syntactical mistakes.  


We make writing with different purposes and with varying levels of the register.  Currently, writing communications have become an essential part of any communicative event. We make every effort to achieve the purposed objectives.

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